Allergy Season: 2 Things To Note

The most beautiful season of the year (according to many) is on its way. Before it shows up, is there anything you’re a bit worried about? If you’re someone who suffers from allergies, then the immediate answer is, “Yes!” You know that many are excited about the beautiful pastel colors of spring that show up in fashion, in nature, and just about everywhere else. However, you are more focused on the fact that this time of year means difficulty with your upper airways! So, what does this mean for your oral health as you treat the problem and do your best to breathe freely? We have some things to make note of!

#1: Those Cough Drops Coat Your Teeth

First, remember that if you include cough drops as part of your therapy to deal with allergies, you should not forget that this can cause some less than ideal situations for your oral health. If the cough drops include coloring, they may contribute to stains. What’s more, if they include sugar, they can contribute to decay. Try to seek out natural drops and limit your use, so decay is not encouraged.

#2: You May End Up With “Toothaches”

All of that pressure from your sinuses can become confusing. One second, you deal with a heavy sensation. The next, you’re convinced that you have cavities in every one of your teeth. Before you jump to conclusions, remember that pressure can cause irritation. If you think this may be signaling you to decay or other oral health problems you’ve been overlooking, come on in. Otherwise, do try to relax and remember that it’s probably just allergies!

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