Dental Hygiene Essentials

young woman brushing teeth at the sinkIt’s called a medicine cabinet, but you probably keep more than just pills in the small compartment above your bathroom sink. Depending on whose cabinet you look into, you might find hairbrushes and salon products, deodorant, contact lens cases and cleaners, and hopefully, all the tools you need to keep your teeth, gums, and breath fresh and healthy. While dental care differs from patient to patient, the tenets of good dental hygiene remain the same for everyone, and when you’re at your sink, you should always have access to your dental hygiene essentials.

Dental Health Staples

A Toothbrush That Suits You

No toothbrush is created equal, and while manual brushes typically hold their own against their mechanical counterparts, some patients might benefit more from a brush that does most of the work for them. If you have arthritis, an injury, or another medical condition that makes daily brushing difficult, then a mechanical brush can help you effectively remove bacteria, plaque, and food debris from your teeth without straining yourself.

A Toothpaste That Helps You

While toothpaste’s main purpose is to clean your teeth, some brands contain ingredients that help strengthen them, as well. Fluoride is a popular toothpaste and mouthrinse additive because the mineral bonds to and strengthens the surface of your tooth enamel—the highly-mineralized layer that surrounds and protects your teeth from bacteria.

A Dental Floss That Works for You

The concept of floss seems simple; use a thin string of material to work plaque and food deposits out from between your teeth. Some floss is made from silk or Teflon to pass easily between teeth, but might not grab the particles from between your teeth as you lift it out. Dr. Stewart can recommend an effective floss to add to your medicine cabinet to help ensure you make the most of your flossing routine.

A Mouthrinse That Empowers You

Like toothpaste and floss, mouthrinse comes in a variety of forms, with a variety of ingredients that provide a variety of benefits depending on your specific needs. Cosmetic mouthrinse is bought over-the-counter, and helps freshen your breath and rinse away hard-to-reach particles after brushing and flossing your teeth. If your dental health can use some help, Dr. Stewart might suggest a specific, therapeutic mouthrinse, such as antibacterial rinse that targets harmful oral bacteria.

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