Why Dental Implants Could Be Your Smile’s Best Friend

smiling mature coupleYour teeth rely on each other in a number of ways, and when you lose one, replacing it should be your top priority. Much of modern dentistry revolves around how your teeth relate the rest of your oral/maxillofacial structures, and devising optimal ways to replace the permanent teeth you’ve lost. With the advent of dental implants, your Livonia dentist, Dr. James Stewart, can help restore more of your lost teeth’s functions than was previously possible. The prosthetic root devices are surgically inserted into your jawbone where your missing teeth once rested. After your jawbone fuses to the implant and heals, Dr. Stewart can complete the restoration with a lifelike dental crown (or other prosthesis, depending on how many teeth you’ve lost).

Tooth Loss—Your Smile’s Worst Enemy

Is losing a tooth that serious? In historical times, removing teeth was one of the main purposes of a dental practitioner. Today, however, we understand that losing even a single tooth can devastate your smile’s delicate balance, and Dr. Stewart prefers to save and restore healthy tooth structure rather than extracting it, whenever possible. With one or more teeth gone, those that remain will endure increased amounts of stress as they try to take up the slack in your bite’s pressure. This can cause your healthy teeth to shift towards the empty spaces, as well as subject them to structural damage, like cracks and fractures, from the undue amount of pressure.

A Solid Friendship with Dental Implants

Underneath your gums, where the eye can’t see, the bottom portion of your tooth, or root, extends into the jawbone. In a mutually-beneficial arrangement, your jawbone supports your teeth and supplies them with nutrition while your teeth’s roots help maintain your jawbone’s integrity.  Every time the roots (or their dental implant replacements) are stimulated by biting and chewing, they signal your body to send an ample supply of minerals and nutrients to the jawbone. As the only restoration that replaces your missing teeth’s roots, dental implants offer the most comprehensive tooth replacement option today.

About Your Livonia Dentist:

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