Month: January 2014

Got a Dental Emergency? Don’t Panic

Though ignorance may be bliss in some instances, that certainly isn’t the occasion when it comes to your dental health. Knowing how to care for your teeth is important to…well, caring for your teeth, and knowing what to do in the face of a dental emergency can mean the difference between saving a tooth and… Read more »

Reintroducing the Dental Crown

With the number of issues that can affect the health and appearance of your teeth, dental crowns are an invaluable restoration for many patients with afflicted smiles. As one of the oldest forms of restorative dentistry, a dental crown is a lifelike replica of a tooth’s top portion, or crown, and can be placed over… Read more »

Don’t Gamble with Gum Disease (Hint: You’ll Lose)

Life is full of chances, and unfortunately, your oral and overall health is included. For instance, gum disease is largely controllable with good hygiene, but even if you carefully brush and floss your teeth every day, you face the chance of missing a spot or two of dental plaque. Given time, plaque may have the… Read more »