Time to Come Clean About Root Canal Therapy

surprised beautiful girlTruth be told, the fear of root canal treatment, or RCT, can be a good thing. If you dread hearing that you need one, then you might strive harder to keep your teeth clean and infection-free. Unfortunately, misconceptions about root canal treatment typically have the opposite effect. Rather than motivating patients towards better hygiene, their apprehension often causes them to neglect the only treatment that can save their severely infected teeth.

Probably Not What You Think

Rumors are eerily like a dental infection; they can start small, but if cultivated, they can grow uncontrollably and damage their respective subjects (in this case, the reputation of root canal treatment). One of the most common myths about RCT is that the procedure is painful, which can originate from a patient’s bad past experience, or from a time before today’s modern dental techniques. On the contrary, if you need root canal therapy, then your tooth will ache long before your treatment ensues. RCT involves removing the infected nerves and blood vessels from the center of your tooth, sealing the roots to prevent the spread of infection, and restoring the tooth with a durable, lifelike dental crown. Eliminating the infection relieves your dental pain (it doesn’t cause it) and allows your tooth to function properly again. Using advanced technology, Dr. Stewart can often perform RCT in a single visit.

The Trick is to Prevent the Need for RCT

Stories about root canal treatment aren’t relevant if you practice good hygiene consistently and prevent tooth decay from becoming so serious. Brush your teeth at least twice every day and floss at least once to prevent the buildup of decay-causing oral bacteria. During your routine dental checkups and cleanings (at least once every six months), Dr. Stewart can check your teeth for signs of tooth infection before they become obvious. Enamel erosion can be reversed with improved hygiene and fluoride treatments; a dental filling can resolve most minor to moderate cavities; and dental sealants can improve cavity protection on your teeth’s chewing surfaces. The recommended tenets of good hygiene are designed to protect your smile from severe circumstances, including the need for root canal treatment.

About Dr. James Stewart:

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