Improve Your Health With Gum Restoration

Gums Livonia MIPeriodontal disease, or the infection and inflammation of the gum tissue, is an incredibly common occurrence in The United States. Approximately 42% of American adults over the age of thirty suffer from this condition, and that number is growing through barriers to access to care, coupled with increases in our ability to diganose. It has always been a struggle to convince people to take their health seriously, and if people view an issue as a cosmetic one, they are less likely to seek treatment.

But the development of periodontal disease can have devastating effects on the future of your oral health. This form of tissue creates a strong barrier between the bacterial battlefield of the mouth, and when an infection takes hold, it can lead to this material pulling back from its natural location on your teeth. Today, your Livonia, MI dentist writes on how restoring your gumline might not only give you back the beautiful smile you once had, but can strengthen your immune system and keep your oral health strong!

Not Just For Looks

Our mouths serve two different functions simultaneously. In one regard, a gorgeous smile can open up doors in your life that you never thought possible. When we meet someone new, our first impression is led through our mouths, whether we like it or not. So there is of course a good reason to keep proper care of our dental hygiene.

But the functionality of this area is highly pivotal, as well. And you might be ignoring the area that’s helping you keep it all together. The periodontal tissue creates a strong seal that allows the vulnerable mechanisms of the jaw operating safely.

Gum disease can prevent this material from doing its job. When infection sets in, the tissue will begin to recede, or pull back from its normal location. Like pulling aside a curtain, the movement leaves both your bone and your teeth at sizable risk.

Take Control Of Your Wellbeing

If this situation has started within your mouth, it is best to speak with your trained oral health care professional as soon as you can. Within dentistry, the best medicine is preventive, and the earlier you address a situation, the less damage it can do.

The most likely solution for recession is what is known as a gum graft. This process includes first the initial cleaning of the site and the removal of any damage or infected tissue. Once this is completed, the remaining healthy matter is stretched to cover the area. If there is not enough material available at that location, a separate donor site can be used to gather transplant tissue. This procedure includes a recovery period of usually between a week to ten days, including a soft diet. If you’re struggling with this battle, don’t wait, allow us to help!


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