Could Orthotropics Help Your Child?

Kid Smile Livonia MIThe development of a young smile is crucial in their growth, and misalignment is a common concern in pediatric dentistry offices across the globe. One method of prevention and improvement is known as orthotropics, and this practice utilizes oral posture techniques to improve patient outcomes in young smiles. If you are the parent of a child, reach out to your provider to see if orthotropics could be a positive solution for your little one.

At our practice in Livonia, MI, we offer orthotropic therapy as an alternative to traditional orthodontic methods of alignment treatment. This approach aims to guide the growth of the face, in order to address concerns before they require radical changes. Orthotropics also includes the avoidance of certain activities, such as mouth breathing; studies have shown that this behavior can lead to the improper development of smiles in children. Reach out to Dr. James R. Stewart, Jr., DDS for a trusted source of information on this exciting form of therapy!

What Is Orthotropic Therapy, And Can It Help My Child?

Over time, the human mouth has evolved to better suit our needs, and one of the ways that this has happened is through the slimming of the jaw. This is evident in the growth of wisdom teeth, which often do not have enough space to fit in the back of the mouth. We simply do not need as much jaw strength, as we have moved from a raw diet to a cooked one.

Sometimes, this shift in mouth size and shape can create issues with the development of young smiles. One of the key concepts of orthotropic therapy is that the expansion of a growing dental arch can give them more room for their teeth. Through the use of an expander, your provider will guide the structures of the mouth as they form.

How Does Orthotropic Treatment Differ From Orthodontics?

While the two terms may seem similar, there are distinct differences between orthodontic and orthotropic therapy. Orthodontics includes the gradual adjustment of the teeth along the oral ridge, and this process can include the use of clear aligner trays or traditional braces. This practice is helpful in those with fully developed mouths, or for those who need an adjustment to existing teeth.

The field of orthotropics takes a slightly different approach, intending to create a positive environment for teeth to develop naturally. This method has also been shown to be helpful in limiting future concerns such as breathing improvement!

Uncover The Benefits Of Orthotropic Therapy In Livonia, MI

Speak with Dr. James Stewart, DDS in Livonia, MI at (734) 425-4400 for more information on how orthotropics could be a help for your little one. We are looking forward to meeting you and your child!