Improved Facial Support with Orthotropics

The overall goal of orthotropic treatment is to address issues regarding the development and alignment of your oral and facial structures. In childhood, this can help prevent several more serious concerns that could potentially grow worse if not corrected. However, in adulthood, you may have similar concerns with your oral and facial structures that orthotropic treatment can address just as successfully. Ask us if adult orthotropics can help you enjoy:

  • Stronger, fuller cheekbones
  • A broader, more prominent smile
  • A more symmetrical smile
  • Greater symmetry between your smile and face
  • Better sleep (due to improved breathing)
  • Fewer wrinkles, laugh lines, etc.
  • And more

Custom, convenient orthotropic treatment

For orthotropic treatment to succeed at any age, the appliance used must be custom-designed not only to fit your teeth and dental ridges comfortably, but also to achieve the specific correction needed to achieve your goals. For optimal results, we can design your appliance using advanced imaging technology, and to maximize your comfort and convenience throughout your treatment. For example, with the Homeoblock™ adult orthotropic appliance, you can correct your oral and facial appearance by wearing the appliance only while you sleep at night.

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