What Is Orthotropic Therapy?

Kid Livonia MIAs humans have evolved, our mouths have grown smaller, as we are more accustomed to softer, cooked foods. While that certainly has had its evolutionary benefits, it also can lead to problems with the growth of the jaw.

Orthotropics is the use of expansion of the dental arch in order to allow for proper healthy growth in children. This science has grown rapidly over the past few years, and today, your Livonia, MI dentist writes to you about how it may help you!

Why Is This Necessary?

Like mentioned earlier, our mouths have simply evolved faster than we can handle. Our teeth have very little room for error, as our bite has to be near perfect for it to align properly. This can pose problems with use, a bite that does not properly connect, or misses the other jaw.

This is also an obvious cosmetic issue, as facial symmetry can be thrown out of line due to jaw misalignment. In the past, numerous surgeries may have been required, at untold cost.

How Is This Different?

Orthotropics aims to fix the underlying issue, the lack of space within the mouth. By the use of an expander in the dental arch, the technique allows the body to grow as it is intended, unimpeded by crowding.

By guiding the growth naturally, we are able to inflict much less trauma than older surgeries. The body and the mouth grow better without the chaos of conflict.

This differs from orthodontics, however, in that it attempts to expand and aid the growth of the upper and lower jaw. This helps the appearance of the entire face, without drastic harm in the short term.

What Else Does This Help?

In addition to facial shape and overall connection in bite, orthotropics can be of use in several other oral health concerns.

In many cases, the reshaping of the palate allows for a different sonic chamber of the head, and coupled with improved breathing, eliminates snoring. Those with sleep apnea may benefit particularly from this form of therapy.

The correction to alignment may also improve bruxism, or the persistent grinding of teeth. By improving the quality of bite, the individual may cease to find a comfortable position for their jaw to rest. The resulting TMJ that can come from this activity may cease as well, giving new relief to tired jaws.

The Homeoblock™ appliance guides the development of the jaw and oral structures softly and naturally, creating a graceful mouth. Nobody will ever know it wasn’t all you!


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