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The Specifics of Senior Dental Care

Age, by itself, isn’t a significant factor in the state of your oral health. For instance, contrary to popular belief, teeth aren’t naturally lost as you grow older. Nevertheless, time does have an effect on your smile, and dental care for seniors often means taking into consideration circumstances that are specific to our more mature… Read more »

Special Concerns for Senior Dental Care

Dental care often means different things to different people, and age can influence your specific dental needs. For instance, as you grow older, the dynamic of your dental health can change along with the rest of your body. Teeth may become more susceptible to disease, your gums may loosen and separate from your teeth, and… Read more »

Learn How to Properly Apply Denture Adhesive from Your Livonia Dentist

Many mature adults sport dentures as a popular dental replacement. Typically, if the denture isn’t implant supported, an adhesive is used to secure the teeth in place. However, many people don’t know the proper method for applying denture adhesive. For this reason, Dr. James Stewart, your Livonia senior dentist, has formulated a step-by-step guide for… Read more »

Livonia Dentist on Premedication for Heart Patients

The well-being of our patients is our primary concern. At our Livonia dentist office, our team follows strict protocols to ensure the safety of our patients, from our youngest to our oldest. This is why, for patients who may suffer from heart conditions, we recommend taking antibiotic prophylaxis, or premedication, before certain dental procedures. Your… Read more »

Common Dental Concerns for Seniors in Livonia

While tooth decay and gum disease are worldwide concerns that affect people of all ages, some dental conditions are more likely to occur as we age. Gum recession, gum disease, and jawbone degeneration are common oral conditions associated with maturity. Let’s look at these senior dental care issues one at a time. Gum Recession Periodontal… Read more »