Special Concerns for Senior Dental Care

happy senior couple smilingDental care often means different things to different people, and age can influence your specific dental needs. For instance, as you grow older, the dynamic of your dental health can change along with the rest of your body. Teeth may become more susceptible to disease, your gums may loosen and separate from your teeth, and a host of other factors can impact your ability to properly care for your smile. Livonia family dentist, Dr. James Stewart, is skilled at caring for patients of all ages, and provides expert senior dental care to help patients protect their healthy smiles as they grow older.

As Teeth and Gums Age

Over time, eating, drinking, brushing your teeth too roughly once in a while, and wear and tear from a lifetime of use can weaken the enamel surrounding your teeth. This highly mineralized substance is your teeth’s main defense against cavity-causing germ, which can infect your tooth’s dentin underneath the enamel once the outer layer is compromised. While everyone should practice good hygiene and healthy eating habits at all times to help keep enamel strong, older patients may experience an increased risk of weak or damaged enamel.

After years of absorbing the repeated pressures of biting and chewing, the connective tissue between your gums and teeth can grow weak, causing your gums to become loose and separate from your teeth (gum recession). The pockets formed by gum recession can house unhealthy amounts of bacteria and significantly increase your risk of aggressive gum disease and possible tooth loss.

General Health and Dental Care for Seniors

If you have arthritis, or another medical condition that can impede your movement, then you may have trouble effectively brushing and flossing your teeth every day—a necessity in keeping your mouth healthy. Certain medical disorders and some medications can lead to dry mouth (reduced or halted saliva production), which can increase your risks of tooth decay and gum disease. Maintaining your healthy smile relies more and more on professional care as you grow older, and Dr. Stewart is specially equipped and experienced to address the specific concerns of our older patients.

About James Stewart, DDS:

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