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Livonia Dentist Suggest Headache Relief Techniques for Patients

Do you suffer from frequent headaches? Then perhaps you can find relief naturally. With several medication-free methods, you can lessen the frequency of your headaches. Dr. James Stewart, your Livonia dentist offers his patients some alternative headache therapy techniques. Helpful Methods for Alleviating a Headache Massage. Though massaging may only provide temporary relief, it does… Read more »

Use an Electric Toothbrush for a Cleaner Smile, Says Livonia Dentist

Do you ever wonder if you’re brushing correctly? This concern may arise often amongst manual toothbrush users. As a matter of fact, those still using manual brushes probably have issues reaching their molars. Without proper brushing in that area, bacteria lingers and cavities can begin to develop. Instead, your Livonia dentist, Dr. James Stewart suggests… Read more »

Showing Appreciation for Our Farmington Hills Dental Patients

As a Livonia, Michigan, cosmetic, general, family, and sleep dentist, Dr. James Stewart believes that quality dental care is a right that everyone is entitled to. As a long-time member of the greater Farmington Hills community, Dr. Stewart also understands the power of word of mouth. Referral Rewards Program for Novi Dental Patients Because our… Read more »

Happy Valentine’s Day from Your Livonia Dental Team!

Happy Valentine’s Day! On this romantic holiday, Livonia comprehensive care dentist Dr. James Stewart wants you to think about your smile and dental health. After all, think about how many smiles you’ll flash, how many kisses you’ll give, and how many times you’ll say “I love you” today. It’s all about your mouth, so Dr…. Read more »

Tongue-Tying Twisters

Your tongue is an important part of your oral health. It’s useful for tasting, swallowing, chewing, cleaning your teeth, and speaking. Almost half of the bacteria in your mouth and 90 percent of your taste buds live on the surface of your tongue. Although your tongue is the most flexible muscle in your body, sometimes… Read more »

Happy Holidays From Your Dentist!

Dr. Stewart and our team want to wish you a Happy Holidays filled with friends, family, fun, and smiles! Remember to choose tooth-friendly treats and protect your smile through your holiday activities. After your celebrations, be sure to stop by our office for a cleaning and checkup to keep your mouth safe into the New… Read more »

The Legend of the Tooth Fairy

With the holidays right around the corner, everyone is talking about Santa Claus. But what about our other favorite character? When you lose a tooth, you are visited by a fairy who replaces your tooth with money. You may remember getting a few coins as a child, but in recent times, the Tooth Fairy is… Read more »

How Much Do You Care About Your Smile?

Do you skip your dental appointments with Dr. Stewart because you don’t have time or can’t afford it? Your teeth are not a luxury. Keeping a healthy smile is important to keep your mouth and overall body strong. Believe it or not, many people choose to neglect their dental health and spend their time and… Read more »

The Legend of the Wishbone

As a kid, did you always fight over the turkey wishbone so you could pull it apart and make a wish? This common Thanksgiving tradition has a story behind it. What is the wishbone? The v-shaped bone rests over the breastbone of a bird, like the collarbone in a human. It is most commonly found… Read more »

Interesting Dental Facts From Livonia Dentist

With proper oral hygiene, teeth can last a lifetime.  Today, more than ever before, people are keeing their natural teeth throughout life.  When it comes to care and maintenance of teeth, here are some interesting dental health facts to keep in mind: 50 percent of people polled state they notice a smile before any other… Read more »