FAQs: The Idea Of Do-It-Yourself Whitening

Are you thinking about what it might take to accomplish some type of teeth whitening on your own? Maybe you’re not even thinking so much about any type of strong treatment but you figure that there must be something you can change in terms of your usual daily care that will allow you to end up with a much whiter smile. We understand that, of course, you’d like to find the quickest, easiest, most cost-effective solution that will lead you toward a brighter grin. To help, our Livonia, MI team explains why all DIY (do it yourself) attempts are generally best left alone and why seeing us for professional care from the start is in your best interest!

Won’t Better Brushing Whiten My Smile?

We understand. You always hear that the approach you absolutely must take in order to remove surface stains on a daily basis to keep your smile looking vibrant includes brushing. As a result, it’s perfectly natural to assume that one of the ways you should be able to dramatically whiten your smile is with better brushing or more brushing. However, the fact is that the stains you’re seeing that cause serious discoloration are not just resting on the surface of your teeth but have instead penetrated your porous enamel. You’ll need something like teeth whitening (or a camouflaging treatment) to remove or cover the stains. Brushing helps remove daily pigments but cannot reach deeper into your teeth. Keep up your usual dental hygiene for the sake of your oral health, though!

Can’t I Just Use Special Drugstore Products?

The drugstore teeth whitening treatments you see are not wholly ineffective. However, what they are is only slightly effective, which means you won’t see the drama you’re hoping for in terms of improvement. They’re also dangerous for the health of your teeth. So, they’re best avoided because no matter how you look at them, they do not guide you toward achieving your smile goals!

What About New DIY Options?

Now, you’re thinking, okay. I’ll skip the store-bought chemicals and instead go for something I’ve read about online that sounds much more natural. Maybe it’s charcoal toothpaste. Perhaps it’s a lemon-based scrub or soak. Regardless, you’ll be up against the same problems as a store-bought purchase. Unimpressive whitening plus a damaged smile. Skip this!

Is Professional Really Best?

Professional teeth whitening? Yep. It offers you a safe path toward amazing results. See us soon.

Make Your Best Smile Whitening Choice

Take the time to see us about your whitening goals for your smile, so you can learn all about the best approaches, the least ideal approaches, and so you may then schedule cosmetic care with our friendly team. James Stewart, DDS, and our team serve patients from Livonia, MI and the surrounding communities. To schedule a consultation, call our office today at (734) 425-4400.