Are My Gums Just Irritated?

It’s a question that can become increasingly confusing and hard to answer, when you’re at home and your gums feel not-so-great: Are my gums just irritated, you wonder to yourself? Or, are your gums possibly dealing with a problem that’s in need of our Livonia, MI team’s attention and care (such as gum disease)? What you really need is to better understand what could be going on and the type of next step to take, which we, of course, are pleased to help you establish!

Did You Eat Or Drink Something Too Hot?

Before you assume you’re dealing with a case of periodontal disease that you’ve neglected for too long (because your gums feel very uncomfortable), we remind you: It’s not necessarily gum disease. Think back through your day and even the evening prior. Ask yourself whether you’ve eaten anything that’s extremely hot. It may seem very simple but the truth is, like any other tissue on your body, if you overdo it with the heat, you may irritate your gums. Ease up on the warm temperatures (and anything spicy) if you accidentally ate or drank anything that instantly felt too hot, so your mouth has time to heal.

Have You Changed Oral Products Recently?

Is it gum disease? Not necessarily! We remind you, as well, that it’s possible to have a reaction to new products if you have recently changed. Maybe you’ve been using a new toothpaste or a new mouthwash that you’ve never tried before. Or, maybe you’ve been eating something new or using a new cosmetic. Take this new product out of your daily rotation if you suspect this is the case to determine whether this is your answer!

Are You Eating Lots Of Spicy Or Acidic Foods?

Guess what? Your gums don’t always like very hot (spice-wise) foods or spicy foods. Instead, you can end up irritating your gum tissue when you overwhelm it with this type of culinary delight. So, back off to give your gum tissue time to relax. This may be your cue to be very mindful of rinsing with water when you eat spicy things or to avoid them as much as you can.

Find Out By Visiting Us!

On the fence about whether your gums are irritated or if you’re actually seeing a stage of gum disease, such as gingivitis, when you look in the mirror? When you cannot easily explain changes, irritation, etc., come in for a checkup with us!

Address Gum Questions By Seeing Us

Schedule a dental checkup with our team when you are ready to address any type of gum concern! Remember that we are here to help you with gum disease or to direct you when you deal with irritation! James Stewart, DDS, and our team serve patients from Livonia, MI and the surrounding communities. To schedule a consultation, call our office today at (734) 425-4400.