Cosmetic Treatments: What Suits Your Fancy?

When you’re thinking that cosmetic care could potentially add something very empowering to your life, our Livonia, MI team tends to first ask: What type of improvements do you have in mind? What suits your fancy? Are you looking for a whiter smile or some other change? When you articulate the particular areas with which you feel concerned and what you wish you were looking at in terms of your smile’s appearance, we can very easily help you. So, let’s get started by breaking down the details into easy-to-consider categories.

A Color Shift?

Have you been primarily concerned about the color of your smile? If so, the common theme here is usually that a patient feels his or her smile looks yellow, looks brown-ish, or just looks dim, dark, or lacking vibrancy. If you’re considering a color shift, we remind you that cosmetic care is here to help! Begin by considering teeth whitening but remember that there is more than one way to approach discoloration and we are here to help!

Addressing Blemishes?

Maybe what suits your fancy has nothing to do with shade but everything to do with blemishes that leave you feeling most unhappy. Don’t forget that cosmetic care is here to help you with unique concerns, from craze lines to chips, texture worries, and small spaces, with the help of dental bonding and contouring. We can add the appearance of more tissue or remove just a little bit, thereby turning your grin into a work of art! Need help? Just give us a call to find out what your smile needs to look even better.

A Serious, Multifaceted Improvement?

Have you been thinking that in order to achieve your goal of a better looking smile, you’re really going to be looking at some serious, multifaceted improvement? If so, this is absolutely doable! Don’t forget that when you visit our practice, you may select porcelain veneers as your cosmetic treatment of choice. Not only will it brighten your smile to a customized shade but it will also allow you to personally customize just about all other aspects of your smile. If you need to address size, texture, minor alignment complaints, and more, it can be done!

Schedule Time To Learn About Cosmetic Changes

Let us know when you have improvement for your smile on your mind! Come in to learn more about what you can achieve for your grin in terms of making it look even lovelier with cosmetic dental care. James Stewart, DDS, and our team serve patients from Livonia, MI, as well the surrounding communities. To schedule a consultation, call our office today at (734) 425-4400.