TMJ Treatment: 3 Things To Consider

What does it take to keep your TMJ health on the straight and narrow? Well, generally speaking, when you’re not dealing with injuries, strain, or misalignment, if you’re just thoughtful about not eating anything that’s too big for your mouth or that’s too stubborn to break down easily, you may be in the clear. However, what about when you are dealing with misalignment, you may have experienced some trauma and stress, and your jaw joints could really use some help? Well, that’s where our Livonia, MI team comes in with TMJ treatment!

#1: It Begins With A Visit To Our Practice

Of course, if you think that you may need some help with your TMJ health, the only way to really get started with care that will have a significant impact is to come in to see our team for a dental checkup. By scheduling an examination with us, you allow us to take a closer, detailed look at your smile. Then, we can help pinpoint any possible contributing problems that are making matters worse. We can talk with you about TMJ treatment and quickly get you started, so you’re seeing and feeling improvement in nothing flat.

#2: We’ll Cover All The Details

Remember that we are here to cover all the bases with you in terms of any of your smile concerns or questions. When TMJ disorder is the topic, we will offer complete care. Of course, our team will be more than happy to explain how TMJ treatment works (in short, you will wear a mouthguard). We will also help you with the day-to-day details of your life, as we explain things to avoid and things you should do to help offer your jaw joints relief and to keep yourself from over-working them.

#3: Your Treatment Is Simple And Effective And…

It’s noninvasive, it’s drug-free, it’s a lot of wonderful things! Fortunately, your TMJ treatment with our team is also very simple and effective when you use it consistently and as directed! As mentioned, you are going to wear a mouthguard. Whether you refer to it as a mouthguard, a nightguard, or an oral appliance, the same is true: It’s designed to gently position your jaw in such a way that your jaw joints enjoy some nice, extended relief as you sleep. The pressure and strain is off, so they have the chance to heal and rest.

Protect TMJ Health With Professional Help

Keep your TMJs safe and sound by coming to our practice to discuss any current problems. We can provide you with a long list of lifestyle changes and considerations, in addition to the TMJ treatment you need. James Stewart, DDS, and our team serve patients from Livonia, MI and the surrounding communities. To schedule a consultation, call our office today at (734) 425-4400.

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