Month: August 2015

Options For A Whiter Smile

Did you know that you have a variety of options for whitening your smile? You see, your smile is vulnerable to more than one type of concern when it comes to discoloration. For instance, you may find that your entire smile looks a bit dim or yellowed. Another issue that may occur is a stain… Read more »

Movie Night In The Park

Summer is winding down but the fun is still in full force. Looking for something fun to do with friends and family as the motivation you had in June and July seems to dissipate a bit? Don’t worry – you don’t need to plan a thing, just show up to this upcoming community evening event… Read more »

All About Choosing Veneers

If you’ve spent time looking into cosmetic options to dramatically improve the beauty of your smile, then you have likely fallen head over heels for veneers. While the benefits are exceptional, you have probably also found yourself wondering what to expect from choosing porcelain veneers. Fortunately, the process is surprisingly simple. Within as few as two… Read more »

Finding Your Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment

Are you discovering that as you take a peek through your cosmetic dentistry options, you’re becoming more and more confused about which treatment truly suits your needs? This is understandable. In addition to the fact that most treatments sound pretty exciting – even if you don’t really need them all – many of them offer… Read more »

Making Children’s Dentistry Happy: A Quiz

Have you ever wondered if there’s some secret to making children’s dentistry happy and fun? There are few things more frightening than looking at your little one and feeling the enormous pressure of wanting to make dental care fun, easy, and stress-free for everyone but not really knowing where to begin. Think you have some… Read more »

TMJ Disorder 101

You may be able to think back to the earliest dental appointments you have ever experienced and remember a question on your paperwork similar to the following: “Do you experience TMJ problems?” the question might have asked, accompanied by two boxes next to it, where you could either check “Yes” or “No.” Is this something… Read more »