Finding Your Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment

smileneutralAre you discovering that as you take a peek through your cosmetic dentistry options, you’re becoming more and more confused about which treatment truly suits your needs? This is understandable. In addition to the fact that most treatments sound pretty exciting – even if you don’t really need them all – many of them offer some similar benefits. This can make narrowing down your pathway toward a prettier smile a bit difficult. Fortunately, by pinpointing your goals, you can more easily determine the cosmetic treatment that’s right for you.

You Just Want Whiter Teeth

Do you want to brighten your smile? Are you suffering from discoloration like a yellow tint or darkened appearance to your teeth? If this is your only complaint, you can quickly select teeth whitening to remove stains, so your smile appears several shades whiter.

You Want To Fix Isolated Chips

Just dealing with a chip or two in your teeth? Perhaps you have a crack or two, a single stain, or other issues that you would like to repair or cover. If you can easily point out the flaws and don’t feel the need to overhaul your entire smile (think smile shade, tooth shape, tooth length, and more) then the cosmetic treatment called dental bonding is your best bet. We will address your imperfections by adding what looks like additional tooth tissue.

You Want To Gently Re-Sculpt Teeth

If you’re unhappy with a few of your teeth because of problems with shape, texture, awkward borders, pointiness, or even a tooth that looks quite long, you can turn to dental contouring. We will remove the slightest amount of your tooth’s outermost layer (enamel) to carefully reshape your teeth.

You Want A Major Makeover

Wishing you could add all of the aforementioned cosmetic treatments together and also dramatically change the shape or length of your teeth, improve uniformity, fill spaces, and/or gently improve alignment? For a smile makeover, choose porcelain veneers.