Options For A Whiter Smile

teethwhiteningtransformDid you know that you have a variety of options for whitening your smile? You see, your smile is vulnerable to more than one type of concern when it comes to discoloration. For instance, you may find that your entire smile looks a bit dim or yellowed. Another issue that may occur is a stain on just one tooth. Rather than assume you’re limited to a single cosmetic treatment like teeth whitening that may or may not truly suit your needs, we encourage you to delve a bit deeper by learning more about your multiple options.

Covering Isolated Stains

Sometimes patients visit us with the need to cover a single stain or a discolored tooth. If comprehensive teeth whitening is not what you’re after, dental bonding may be the cosmetic treatment of choice for you. Bonding relies on the use of composite, a synthetic acrylic resin material. We will customize its color to blend with the rest of your tooth and smile. We can then cover the stain, set and polish the material, and your tooth will appear stain-free and beautiful.

Whitening Your Entire Smile

If it is, in fact, your entire smile you would like to brighten then teeth whitening is the right choice for you. With the application of a bleaching gel, this whitening treatment will break up the stains that sit on the surface of your tooth and just beneath. Or, if you suffer from severe staining, we may suggest deep teeth whitening to penetrate deeper within your tooth. The result is a smile many shades whiter.

Whiten And Address Additional Concerns

Perhaps you want a whiter smile but you also want to improve your tooth shape, fill small gaps, lengthen certain teeth, cover up chips, and more. If so, you may wish to consider porcelain veneers. These super-slim ceramic casings will cover the visible portion of your teeth, improving whiteness and a multitude of other concerns.