Livonia Dentist’s Halitosis Quiz

fresh breathIs your breath a source of embarrassment? Most people deal with bad breath at least once a day, typically in the morning. Sometimes, however, your foul breath may not always dissipate by the time you leave your house, and halitosis (chronic bad breath) can ruin more than just your morning. To help you keep your breath fresh and under control, your Livonia dentist Dr. James Stewart offers these tips to eliminate your morning breath.

Freshen Your Breath

  • Brush your tongueBrushing and flossing your teeth can help remove food debris and foul breath from your mouth, but the many of the bacteria responsible for bad breath rest on the surfaces of your tongue. Use your brush or a tongue scraper to remove these germs from your tongue when your brush your teeth.
  • Eat breakfast—When you sleep, your saliva production is drastically reduced. This allows bad breath bacteria to gather undisturbed overnight, contributing to the intensity of your morning breath. Eating a well-balanced breakfast stimulates your saliva production, helping you start the day off with a clean mouth untainted by bacterial odor.
  • Stay Hydrated—Drinking water also helps stimulate saliva production, which is your mouth’s natural protection against tooth decay, bad breath, gum disease, and other issues stemming from the accumulation of mouth germs. Also, the microbes that cause bad breath are anaerobic, meaning free of oxygen. Water and saliva help oxygenate and neutralize these germs, so ensure that you stay hydrated with non-sugary drinks throughout the day.

Fresh Breath and Beautiful Smiles in Livonia

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