Livonia Dentist Can Help Ease Your Headache Pain

Finding the Source of Headache Pain

Are you suffering from regular, relentless headaches? You may want to visit your Livonia dentist, Dr. James Stewart, as well as your doctor to determine the source of your pain, particularly if jaw pain accompanies your headaches.

Due to the close anatomical link between the head, jaw, and neck, the root cause of your pain can be difficult to discern. The pain and tension you’re experiencing may cause you to clench your teeth and tighten your jaw muscles, thereby exacerbating your headaches and setting up a cycle of pain.

The source of headaches can be difficult to discover.

Diagnosing headaches is all about establishing patterns: the history of the headaches, how frequently they occur, the severity of the headaches, and whether they are accompanied by other symptoms, such as blurred vision or tingling in the head or face.

If you’ve been treated by your doctor for migraines, cluster headaches, tension headaches, or sinus pain with a variety of medications and techniques and you’ve still not received relief, your headaches may be dental in origin.

Which dental issues can cause headaches?

When your headaches are resistant to your doctor’s treatments, or if you experience jaw pain with your headaches, make an appointment with Dr. Stewart for an evaluation of your teeth and jaw joints. If your headaches are related to dental problems or jaw issues, the medications prescribed by your doctor will give little relief and will not address the root cause. Realigning the temporomandibular joints and placing the jaw into its optimal position can often solve headaches related to dental issues, and the process can be as simple as Dr. Stewart fitting you with an oral appliance.

How Oral Appliances Work

Oral appliances are designed to alleviate the symptoms of temporomandibular disorder by coaxing the jaw joint into a more comfortable resting position. These appliances include bruxism splints, and repositioning and stabilization devices to reduce jaw joint inflammation and to reposition the jaw.

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