Why Adults May Also Need Orthotropic Care

adult orthotropic care

As we grow, major changes occur in the development of our jaws and oral structures. For some, these tissues could grow in such a way that causes negative impacts on facial structure and could even hinder breathing at night. In order to correct these issues in adulthood, your Livonia, MI, dentist may recommend orthotropic treatment for adults.

Warning Signs of Trouble

As we grow and our facial structure and jaw develop, issues during this process could mean a weak chin, sunken cheeks, and other esthetic concerns. Issues with airway obstruction could mean an increased risk of sleep apnea during the night, leaving people exhausted during the day and at a greater risk of a strained immune system and poor cardiovascular health. To correct these issues, treatment will be needed to address the problems with your oral and facial structures, opening airways and improving facial esthetics at the same time. Just as offer this treatment for kids, we can also use custom-made devices to improve oral health for adults too.

Improving Your Smile’s Health and Function

With orthotropic treatment, our team can ensure open airways at night, so you breathe without interruption and avoid the complications of snoring and sleep apnea. In turn, better sleep could improve your overall quality of life and lower your risk of serious heart issues later in life. As for esthetics, treatment could improve the symmetry of your smile, as well as the symmetry of your face. You could develop strong and full cheekbones, a more prominent smile, and a more youthful appearance as treatment could help reduce laugh lines and wrinkles.

Custom-Made Treatment Options

Treatment doesn’t involve surgery or other invasive options. Instead, we often create a custom-made oral appliance that is worn like a mouthguard as you sleep. To begin, we use digital technology to take a series of images of your smile and oral structures. We combine these to create a 3D model. Next, we design and craft the appliance, creating one specifically for your unique case. The Homeoblock™ adult orthotropic appliance then helps reposition your smile and correct issues with facial and oral structures. The device fits comfortably and is easy to use! If you have any questions about our approach to adult orthotropics, then please contact our team today to learn more.


By addressing the issues with your smile’s support and oral structures, we can help you rest easier at night and enjoy a better quality of life. For more information on our approach to general and preventive dental care, or to schedule a consultation, call the office of James Stewart, DDS in Livonia, MI, today at (734) 425-4400.