What If Adults Need Orthotropic Care?


Orthotropic care is often prescribed by your Livonia dentist to help children under the age of ten correct the growth of the jaw and oral structures, preventing serious complications in adulthood ranging from sleep apnea to TMJ disorder. However, what if adults report issues with TMD, nighttime breathing, and sleep disorders due to issues with jawbone structure and oral tissues? For adults, we may suggest the Homeoblock oral appliance.

Common Signs of Trouble

As we grow, the shape of our face and jaw changes. However, issues with the development of our oral structures and jaw could lead to serious problems. For example, breathing during the night could be interrupted or shallow, leading to poor sleep or even obstructive sleep apnea. You could also develop a weak chin, poor facial symmetry, dental misalignment, and bite imbalance. For adults, this means a greater risk of tooth decay and gum disease, as cleaning uneven teeth is difficult. TMJ disorder and bruxism could develop as a result of poor balance and symmetry, and you could be disappointed with the look of your smile. Sleep apnea alone increases the risk of complications with both your immune system and your cardiovascular system. If you have issues breathing at night, experience frequent interruptions, or notice any of these common issues with our smile, then you may need to discuss treatment.

Treating Children

Orthotopic treatment is usually meant to correct these issues in childhood, particularly for kids under the age of ten. Basically, the dentist will create a custom-made device that is worn as the child sleeps. The device then repositions the jaw, guides the growth of oral structures and tissues, and helps ensure open airways, better dental alignment, and improved facial symmetry and structure. Kids enjoy better rest and tend to perform better at school and enjoy reduced sleep issues or tantrums at home. But what if you and your parents were unaware of these issues when you were a kid? What if you discover that you need treatment as an adult? Fortunately, in this case there is still hope for smile improvement!

The Homeoblock Appliance

The Homeoblock appliance will look and fit much like a retainer. You wear the device at night, though some patients may need to wear them for a few hours in the daytime. The device is designed to stimulate the growth of the maxilla, repositioning and correcting the position and growth of facial bones and structure. The device improves the dental arches, opens the upper airways, and corrects issue with facial muscles. You enjoy a better smile, improved symmetry, and often stop suffering from sleep and breathing issues.


Our team is ready to help you avoid the complications of poor bite balance, jaw joint pressure, and airway obstruction. For more information on our restorative and general treatment options, or to schedule a consultation, call the office of James Stewart, DDS in Livonia, MI, today at (734) 425-4400.