What Kind of Brusher Are You?

Brushing too hardWhat kind of tooth brusher are you?  Do you scrub vigorously, like you’re scrubbing tile grout to make it gleaming white?   Do you spend 5 or 10 minutes to “really do a good job?”  Or do you quickly whisk across your teeth, taking less than a minute?

Chances are, no matter how much time you spend brushing your teeth you’re most likely brushing too hard.  Nearly 70% of the people that do brush are applying too much pressure.  And the problem is much more serious than you might even realize.

There can’t be too much emphasis on the detriment of brushing too hard.  The two, immediately obvious problems that will occur from brushing too hard are:

Damage to enamel; thinning enamel that results in more cavities, tooth sensitivity/pain.  This can also expose the roots of the teeth, which in turn can irritate the gums.
Gums receding.  This serious issue doesn’t only affect your teeth and gums.  Receding gums can lead to periodontal disease.   Periodontal disease has been linked to VERY serious general health issues such as:
• Heart disease
• Heart attack
• Stroke
• Diabetes
• Respiratory disease
• Premature and underweight babies

Concerned yet?   A little concern when it comes to taking proper care of your teeth might not be such a bad thing.  Although tooth enamel is second only to diamonds for hardness, it’s easy to damage that enamel by brushing too hard.  But with help from the expert team at Livonia Family Dentist, we’ll determine whether you’ve been brushing too hard and, if so, how to correct the problem and give you the direction you need to achieve healthy teeth and gums…and a better life!