Poor Sleep Related to Stroke, Heart Attack, and More

If you’re not getting good sleep, you may be at risk for serious health problems. We know that proper sleep allows the body to repair and the mind to renew. We also know that heart attack, stroke, and depression occur frequently in people with sleep disorders. But there’s more!

Research shows that sleep disorders might contribute to the frequency of epileptic seizures, low immunity, growth and development problems, mental disorders like depression and schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s disease.

There may also be a link between sleep problems and asthma attacks, which, like strokes, often occur in the early morning or during the night.

Another interesting fact—patients with sleep disorders tend to complain of more pain and request a higher level of pain medication.

You deserve better. If you think sleep disorder is negatively affecting your health and quality of life, take my sleep disorder quiz here. Then call to schedule some time to talk with me. I’ll be happy to explain how we can determine if you do have a sleep disorder, and I’ll answer all of your questions about treatment options. I’m Dr. James Stewart, a sleep disorder dentist in Livonia. Patients from Farmington, Farmington Hills, Novi, and surrounding communities have found better sleep and better living after sleep disorder treatment in my office. Give me a call today, and let’s get to the bottom of your sleep problems.