Children’s Dental Care in Livonia

Dr. James Stewart is a comprehensive care dentist in Livonia, Michigan. This means that he provides a variety of dental treatments, procedures, and care to patients of all ages with a variety of dental needs. Today, with the end of February and National Children’s Dental Health Month drawing closer, Dr. Stewart wants to discuss the dental care for children he offers at our Farmington Hills-area dentist office.

The Happy Visit

With a friendly, personal touch and the desire to show children that the dentist office is a fun, positive place, Dr. Stewart supports the American Dental Association’s recommendation that children attend their first dental visit by the age of one year. To make this appointment easier for you, you can simply bring your baby to your next dental appointment.

Even if your child has no or few teeth, this checkup will allow Dr. Stewart to quickly examine your child’s mouth, checking his or her growth and development and making note of any potential problems, and address any questions you have about caring for your child’s smile. This appointment is referred to as a “Happy Appointment” simply because it gives your child a chance to become comfortable in the dental chair and, hopefully, sets the stage for a lifelong dedication to quality oral health.

Regular and Special Dental Care

One your child’s teeth begin to grow in, six-month dental checkups should become routine. At these appointments, Dr. Stewart will monitor your child’s growth and development, outline the principles of proper at-home dental hygiene, and answer any questions you or your child may have. Additionally, these appointments continue to build your child’s comfort level in our office and under Dr. Stewart’s care.

As your child grows, Dr. Stewart and our team will be here every step of the way to help you and your child understand the different stages of dental development and dental care. Bi-annual dental cleanings should begin between the ages of three and five years. When your child is ready, Dr. Stewart will discuss dental sealants and fluoride supplements with you to help protect your child’s teeth from dental caries (cavities), which are the most widespread childhood disease.

If you or your child are overdue for a dental checkup and cleaning, call our Livonia dentist office at (734) 425-4400 or visit us online at