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Common Brushing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Proper dental hygiene and professional dental care are the cornerstones of quality oral health. Even if you have a top-notch dental care team, you can’t achieve a truly healthy smile without a top-notch at-home dental hygiene routine. Brushing and flossing your teeth are the cornerstones of dental hygiene and, today, Livonia, MI dentist Dr. James… Read more »

Technology Gives Livonia Dentist an Edge

As part of his mission to meet patient needs, Dr. James Stewart uses advanced dental technology. The tools he uses during regular check-ups and dental procedures help patients feel comfortable during their visit to the dentist. These tools also allow him to meet patient expectations for accurate diagnostics and precision treatment. The following is a… Read more »

Babies and Teething in Livonia

Our hopefully lifelong relationship with our teeth starts at a young age—and usually with some swelling and discomfort. “Teething” is the eruption of a child’s primary teeth (baby teeth) and occurs between three months and 12 months of age. Today, our Livonia family dentist Dr. James Stewart shares some information about teething and how you… Read more »

What to Expect During a Dental Cleaning in Livonia

It has been reported that 20 to 80 percent of people fear visiting the dentist. With regular dental cleanings and checkups being such an integral part of both oral and overall health, this fear can be detrimental to one’s dental hygiene. To help put those fears at ease, our Livonia dentist Dr. James Stewart would… Read more »

Livonia Dentist Offers Oral Health Trivia Quiz

Patient education is an important part of our dental practice philosophy. We believe that informed patients make wiser and healthier decisions than uniformed patients. Because we place such a high priority on patient education, Dr. James Stewart, your Livonia cosmetic and family dentist, offers a short oral health quiz to test your knowledge about dentistry…. Read more »

Treating Gum Disease in Livonia

Dr. James Stewart is passionate about helping patients keep their natural teeth for life. Preventing or promptly treating tooth decay is one way to ensure good oral health, but did you know that the structures that support your teeth need just as much attention?  Gum disease, also called periodontitis or periodontal disease, is the number… Read more »

Livonia Dentist Explains Simple, Yet Effective Cosmetic Procedures

Vampires are becoming very popular in today’s culture through books, television shows, and movies. And while some fans are jealous of their immortality and super-human capabilities, no one seems particularly envious of a vampire’s pointy canines. Those fangs can be fixed, however, with tooth recontouring, one of the many cosmetic dental procedures offered by Dr…. Read more »

Bruxism FAQS with Livonia Family Dentist

Did you ever think that stress could affect your teeth? Stress is one of the many causes of bruxism, the act of teeth grinding. This nighttime habit can actually be quite dangerous, with many damaging effects on your teeth and muscles. Your Livonia Family dentist, Dr. James Stewart answers some frequently asked questions about bruxism…. Read more »

Livonia Family Dentist Offers Compassionate Dental Care for Seniors

Age adds many wonderful joys to life, such as grandchildren and retirement. Unfortunately, seniors don’t always experience joy when it comes to their oral health. Your Livonia family dentist, Dr. James Stewart, understands this issue and offers compassionate care to his senior patients. Dental Problems and Solutions for Older Adults Certain complications can arise with… Read more »

The Importance of Prenatal Dental Care

Your Livonia family dentist, Dr. James Stewart, cares deeply about the health of you and your loved ones. In honor of National Women’s Health Week, he would like to take the time to educate you on the importance of prenatal dental care with the following bits of information. 1. True or false. Pregnant women hardly… Read more »