Praise for Dr. Stewart from a Happy Patient

As Dr. James Stewart and his team well know, choosing a dentist can be a difficult task. Not all dentists are equally equipped to handle patients’ needs, and reasons for a dental visit are many and varied. Having a positive relationship with your dentist is mutually beneficial, which is why today we are happy to present you with a testimonial from one of our many happy patients.

What to Expect from Your Dentist

Most people choose their dentist based on geography alone, instead of doing research into what office will be most welcoming, or which dentist will best attend to their needs. When choosing your dentist it is important to think about what your specific needs are, and in turn how attentive and knowledgeable your dentist is regarding the areas where you may need the most assistance. Don’t underestimate the importance of the office environment and staff. Especially if you are ill at ease at the dentist (as many are), a clean and calm atmosphere can make all the difference.

Lynn’s Experience

When our patients are happy, we’re happy too, so today we would like to share Lynn’s experience with you, so you’ll know what you can expect as a patient of Dr. Stewart. Here is what Lynn had to say:

“Dr. Stewart is all you could ask for in a dentist! During your appointment you have his full attention, he knows your case thoroughly and takes whatever time is needed to discuss a plan of action for you. It’s clear he loves his work and he really knows his stuff. The staff is dedicated, professional, extremely knowledgeable and puts you at ease. The office itself is sparkling clean, amazingly orderly, very calm, comfortable, and kid friendly. Dr. Stewart is truly in a class of his own and I highly recommend him to everyone”

-Lynn Root

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