Technology Gives Livonia Dentist an Edge

Person SmilingAs part of his mission to meet patient needs, Dr. James Stewart uses advanced dental technology. The tools he uses during regular check-ups and dental procedures help patients feel comfortable during their visit to the dentist. These tools also allow him to meet patient expectations for accurate diagnostics and precision treatment. The following is a list of some of the technologies Dr. Stewart incorporates.


Going to the dentist can be stressful for some. Those with dental anxiety often dislike the techniques and tools used during check-ups. Dr. Stewart uses advanced cavity detection to eliminate patient discomfort. DIAGNOdent is a tool that allows Dr. Stewart to check for tooth decay without the use of metal dental probes. The device uses a laser to detect tooth decay or demineralization, which is the early phase of tooth decay. Those who fear or are uncomfortable with traditional methods of cavity detection can now relax in peace while Dr. Stewart gently waves the wand over their teeth. The device also shows the extent of decay with a digital readout.

Intraoral Cameras

Dr. Stewart employs the use of intraoral digital photography to better detect fine details of teeth, often missed by the naked eye. These cameras provide before-and-after pictures, which Dr. Stewart can use to educate patients on the intended outcome of their treatments. By using digital photography in this way, Dr. Stewart can help manage patient expectations.


While digital photography goes a long way in the fight against tooth decay, Dr. Stewart also uses surgical telescopes. Worn over the eyes like glasses, these special tools will allow him to see every detail as he works on your teeth. They also allow him to make small adjustments to treatments, giving patients an edge in better dental care.

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