Find A Lasting Restoration Solution

Sweater Livonia MIStructural concerns involving the teeth can become worrisome for your smile’s future. Whether in need of a reinforcement of your existing enamel or a replacement procedure, the durability of any solution is crucial to its success. This involves multiple aspects of production, including materials and technique. Our increasing technological abilities are also making lasting improvement an attainable possibility for more mouths each day!

Creating a solution for your broken or missing tooth that can withstand daily rigor is one of the highest priorities for our Livonia, MI dental practice. We can work to turn your worrisome tooth into one of your smile’s strengths!

Dental Prevention And Proactivity

Enamel damage is a common concern in any dental office. This durable material forms the sturdy exterior of the tooth, and trauma or wear to it can lead to major oral health troubles. Without its protection, the unprotected recesses within are susceptible to serious infection. When bacteria begin to grow, it can lead to a painful ache that radiates from the location.

If possible, attend to enamel erosion before this infection sets in. Putting off a composite filling to correct a tooth decay instance can put you at risk of debilitating pain! Within dentistry, being proactive can be a great help in both your health and your beauty. Periodontal disease is another frequent avenue where troublesome infection can begin. Schedule a root planing and scaling appointment to ensure that your gum tissue remains strong and gorgeous.

Repair For A Damaged Tooth

After a root canal procedure, or for significantly broken teeth, a dental crown may be a useful way to restore your functionality and appearance. A durable ceramic cap that replaces your existing enamel, crowns are very helpful in the repair of visible material. With this method, the healthy matter that conncts with the jaw is allowed to remain in place.

Porcelain veneers are another great way to rejuvenate damaged enamel. Translucent ceramic takes on the role of your biological material here, as well. Typically associated with cosmetic procedures, this approach can also be helpful in restoration.

Replacing Missing Material

Extractions can be a stressful situation, but there are amazing replacement options available to ensure that your smile remains healthy. An increasingly popular option to repair tooth loss is a threaded-post dental implant. This procedure utilizes titanium, which grows side-by-side with our immune system. As our body protects this post, it grows snug. When the post heals, it can support a new dental prosthetic to replace your lost material.

Other lasting solutions for dental gaps and loss include bridges and partial dentures. These are prosthodontic solutions with tested histories. Speak with your dentist about the best possibilities available to you!

Building A Stable Dental Future

Your best oral health days could be to come! To schedule a consultation with Dr. James Stewart, DDS, call our office today at (734) 425-4400. Our office is located in Livonia, MI, and we proudly welcome patients from the entire metro region.