Livonia Dentist Explains How Dental Software Improves Your Treatment

Dental SoftwareThanks to advanced dental technology, your treatment has become more personalized and accurate than ever before. Digital imaging systems and computer software allow your dentist to make more accurate diagnoses and thoroughly explain recommended procedures while you are still in the exam room. In this post, your Livonia dentist explains how using Orasphere® dental software can benefit you and your dental treatment.  

What Is Orasphere?

Dr. Stewart knows the importance of keeping you thoroughly informed during treatment. Good patient education makes you feel more comfortable and allows you to be an active participant in your dental treatment. However, when you are not trained in dentistry, it can be difficult to understand the complex procedures. Sometimes when a dentist is explaining a procedure, it may seem like he or she is speaking a foreign language. When it comes to understanding dental treatment, words are often not enough, but a detailed image can thoroughly illuminate a diagnosis or procedure. Dr. Stewart has installed advanced Orasphere software in exam rooms and the waiting area. Used in ten countries around the world, these programs provide detailed images of a variety of dental problems and treatments. Orasphere programs give you a visual guide to supplement Dr. Stewart’s oral explanation.

How Does It Benefit You?

Dr. Stewart wants you to feel completely at ease with your dental treatment. After all, if you were undergoing open heart surgery, you wouldn’t just take your doctor’s word for it; you would want to know why you need the surgery, what it involves, how long it would take, and what the benefits were. It should not be any different for your dental treatment. Whether you are receiving a complex full mouth reconstruction or a single filling, you should know everything that is involved in your procedure. Being fully informed will keep you comfortable during your treatment. It will also aid in your recovery and allow you to make informed decisions about necessary treatment in the future.

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