Your Livonia Dentist Offers Dental Advice to Expectant Mothers

Among the dizzying array of changes your body goes through during pregnancy, there are a few that could seriously affect your oral health, and in turn, the well-being of your baby. Nearly everyone knows that proper nutrition is crucial to aiding the healthy development of your little one, but how often do you think about the germs in your mouth and what effect they might have?

Morning Sickness and Dry Mouth

It’s no secret that stomach acids are, by nature, corrosive. A few bouts of morning sickness are enough to weaken your tooth enamel and put you at greater risk for cavities. Brushing and flossing can also seem like a greater chore when dealing with morning sickness, but backsliding on these oral hygiene essentials is a great way to encourage cavities and gum disease.

Hormonal changes account for some of the greatest dangers to women’s oral health during pregnancy. The risk for swollen gums and gingivitis is increased, as is the likelihood of developing dry mouth syndrome, which can lead to a host of other problems. Finally, while your Livonia dentist understands the importance of increasing caloric intake during pregnancy, consuming sugars and starches in excess can heighten your risk for cavities.

Protecting Your Child

Contracting gum disease during pregnancy can be very dangerous for both you and your little one. Germs that accumulate in the mouth during an infection can spread to the rest of the body, causing premature birth of an underweight baby. Your risk for diabetes or high blood pressure during pregnancy also increases when your teeth and gums are not in good health. After birth, the best way to reduce the risk of transmitting disease-causing germs to your infant is to eliminate contact between your mouth and anything that might find its way into your infant’s mouth, like toys and fingers.

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