What You Should Know About Gum Disease

livonia gum disease

What do you know about gum disease? Studies from the Centers for Disease Control reveals that the disease impacts half of adults ages 30 and older. Without treatment, this could cause discomfort and even tooth loss. In today’s blog, your Livonia, MI, dentist will talk about how to understand the disease, and how to help prevent periodontal trouble.

The Causes

Everything starts with gum inflammation, also known as gingivitis. This could be caused by poor oral hygiene and plaque buildup, cigarette and tobacco use, inflammatory illnesses, a family history of poor gum health, or even the use of certain medications. Unless reversed, gingivitis could worsen until the gums themselves pull away from the teeth to create deep pockets, which bacteria will enter. At this point, periodontal disease develops, which cannot be cured and needs routine care to manage.

The Warning Signs

Warning signs often include soreness or redness in your gingival tissues. As the issue grows worse, you could notice swelling and bleeding when you brush and floss. Eventually, the tissues could recede too, so your teeth appear long. When you notice changes like these let us know right away! We can discuss treatment to reverse gingivitis or begin managing the disease, keeping your smile healthy and whole.

The Link to Tooth Loss

Unless treated, the disease could reach the later stages, causing periodontitis. This stage could actually destroy the tissues that connect your teeth and gums. Your teeth could become loose and fall out. In fact, this is the number one cause of adult tooth loss!

Prevention and Treatment

To prevent the disease, be sure you brush twice daily for two minutes, and also floss thoroughly every evening. These actions remove the food particles that feed harmful bacteria and create plaque. You also need to see us every six months for a cleaning, so we can remove all plaque and tartar to prevent inflammation. At home, avoid tobacco products and eat a healthier diet, as sugary and starchy particles are often broken down by harmful bacteria. If you experience the early stages, we could reverse gingivitis with a deep cleaning, known as a scaling and root planing. We remove buildup from both the teeth and the roots. If you have periodontal disease, we could perform this procedure and then offer routine cleanings every three to four months to safeguard your smile.


Our team wants to help you avoid tooth loss and bleeding gums with preventive treatment. For more information on how our team helps you manage periodontal disease, then call the office of James Stewart, DDS in Livonia, MI, today at (734) 425-4400. You can also visit our office at 15873 Middlebelt Rd Suite 100 Livonia, MI 48151.