Timely Tidbits for Presidents’ Day

The third Monday in February represents the combined birthday celebration of our first and sixteen presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, along with recognizing all former presidents.  Lincoln’s birthday is February 12th, and Washington’s Birthday is February 22nd. While George Washington’s Birthday was a federal holiday, Abraham Lincoln’s was a state-recognized holiday only. Presidents’ Day is still officially in the congressional book as George Washington’s Birthday.  Advertisers made the push in the 1980s to call it Presidents’ Day.

Here are some other interesting facts about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln that you may not know:

1.       Washington’s teeth were not made out of wood, but instead out of ivory, gold, lead, and human or animal teeth.

2.       Lincoln hated his nickname “Honest Abe.” His friends called him either Mr. Lincoln or Lincoln.

3.       Washington was the only president not to live in the White House. He chose the design for it, but it was not completed until after his death.

4.       Lincoln was the first president to pardon a turkey. His son became fond of the Christmas turkey, so Lincoln granted it clemency.

5.       Washington ensured that his horse’s teeth were brushed daily.

6.       Lincoln kept important documents under his stovepipe hat.

7.       Washington was almost called “His Highness” instead of “Mr. President” as a committee decided on the title “His Highness, the President of the United States of America, and Protector of their Liberties.”

8.       Lincoln had wanted to be president ever since his was a little boy.

9.       The story of Washington cutting down a cherry tree was made up by a writer to show how honest he was.

10.   Lincoln allowed his sons to keep their pet goats in their bedrooms at the White House.

I hope at least some of these facts made you smile. That’s my job as your dentist, to make you smile! If you haven’t come in for a checkup lately; if you’ve recently experienced a toothache or know you need a filling, call to schedule a visit today in my

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