The Important Concepts Behind Orthotropics

The goal of early children’s dental care is to help your child learn the foundations of good oral hygiene and the importance of regular dental care. That importance includes promoting and ensuring the healthy, proper development of your child’s oral health features and the facial structures that are interconnected with them. At our Livonia, MI, dental office, the children’s oral health services we offer include advanced orthotropics. The system of custom-designed aligners and appliances can help align the growth and development of your child’s oral and facial structures together, improving several different aspects of their oral and overall health.

Better facial and oral development

The main goal of orthotropic treatment is to help all of your child’s oral and facial structures develop proportionately and in proper alignment. Discrepancies in this development, such as a crooked bite or a misalignment between oral, nasal, and other facial structures, can lead to a host of concerns involving your child’s breathing patterns, oral health, bite function, and more. With orthotropics, we can accurately measure and analyze these structures, detect any concerns, and design an appropriate treatment plan to correct them.

Better overall bite function

One of the more common effects of oral and facial structure misalignment is the impact it can have on your child’s bite function. If your child’s jawbone isn’t properly aligned with the rest of their facial structures, then their bites might not open and close as smoothly and as symmetrically as it needs to. This can impact their jaw joints and muscles by placing them under incredible strain, potentially leading to the development of TMJ disorder (a jaw dysfunction). This can also lead to chronic teeth-grinding, or bruxism, and increasingly worse damage to your child’s healthy, natural tooth structure.

Better sleeping and breathing patterns

In addition to improving how well your child’s bite functions, orthotropics is also a highly effective method addressing your child’s risk of sleep breathing problems, such as obstructive sleep apnea. When oral and nasal structures aren’t aligned properly, mouth and throat tissues can repeatedly collapse into the airway and obstruct your child’s breathing during sleep. The more oral and facial structures develop incorrectly, the more likely sleep apnea becomes as your child grows older.

Learn what orthotropics can improve for your child

By improving the natural growth and development of your child’s facial and oral structures, orthotropics can help also improve your child’s breathing patterns, sleep quality, bite function, and more. For more information about what orthotropics can help improve for your child, schedule a consultation by calling the office of James Stewart, DDS in Livonia, MI, today at (734) 425-4400.