Take Helpful Steps To Halt Your Gum Disease

Blue Sweater Livonia MIDid you know that gum disease is often identified as the leading cause of tooth loss? You might not think about your gums, but your periodontal tissue provides significant protection for your teeth. If you have begun to notice a change in your gumline, take the opportunity to speak with your dental provider about the steps you need to take to improve this area of your oral health.

At our office in Livonia, MI, we can help you to slow or even stop the progression of your periodontal disease. Through scaling and root planing, our team can remove the plaque and tartar that have been accumulating below your gumline. Without treatment, these forms of bacterial buildup can significantly contribute to your tooth decay and even loss, so make the effort in your dental care with an appointment with Dr. Stewart, DDS. While you are here, learn some tips for your ongoing oral health maintenance!

Your Gums Play A Huge Role In Your Dental Health

If you think that your gums are less important than other areas of your mouth, take some time to learn more about your periodontal health. This tissue provides significant protection for your smile, giving your teeth strong support. When you struggle with the infection and inflammation of your gums, you can lose this shield.

Periodontal disease is a common occurrence in the United States, with nearly half of all patients struggling with some extent of the condition. If you have started to notice a shift in your gumline, it could be as a result of recession due to bacterial infection. You also might feel sore or tender at a certain spot, and this could be a sign that you should speak with your provider. Bleeding while brushing is another common symptom, so if you have started to experience this, take the time to visit your dentist for an examination.

Fighting Gum Disease With Scaling And Root Planing

One of the important steps in slowing and even stopping the progression of your periodontal infection is through a combined set of processes known as scaling and root planing. This is the removal of problem plaque and tartar below the gumline that you may struggle to reach with your routine brushing and flossing. Scaling and root planing help you to combat your gum disease, so talk with your provider and see how this can benefit your smile.

Working To Protect Your Smile From Gum Disease In Livonia, MI

If you have begun to notice a change in your gumline, take the time to speak with a trusted dental professional about fighting your periodontal disease. For more information about this condition, schedule an appointment with Dr. James Stewart, DDS in Livonia, MI at (734) 425-4400.