Proper Denture Care

Correctly caring for your dentures will increase their longevity and protect the health of your mouth.  I’m Dr. James Stewart, and I want to give you some practical tips for good denture care.

Handle them with care: When removing your dentures, stand over a folded towel or a full sink of water to avoid damage, in case you accidentally drop them.

Brush and rinse them daily: Since dentures are like natural teeth, they can stain and collect debris or plaque deposits.  Brush your dentures with a soft bristled toothbrush in a circular motion over the entire denture.  Rinse your dentures after meals and after eating.

Clean with a denture cleaner: Do not use toothpaste, as it is to abrasive for your dentures.  You may, however, use hand soap or mild dishwashing liquid. Avoid any denture cleaner with zinc in it. Zinc can cause neurological damage leading to numbness and partial paralysis. Along with brushing, you can clean your dentures with an ultrasonic cleaner. With an ultrasonic denture cleaner, you’ll submerge your dentures into a tub where sound waves dislodge deposits.

Keep dentures moist: When you are not wearing your dentures, they need to soak in water or a denture cleanser solution.

Schedule regular dental appointments:  Your dentist should check for a proper fit of your dentures at least once a year. As your bones and gums change, your dentures could become ill-fitting and cause pain. In this case, they need to be relined for a better fit.

If your dentures are loose or fit poorly, and you want to discuss alternatives, contact my Livonia office at (734)425-4400, and we can discuss dental implants for denture stabilization.