A Testimonial From a Happy Sleeper

Sleep apnea is a breathing disorder than can interfere with your sleep. Your airwaves may become blocked while you sleep, offsetting your sleep-wake cycle and causing health problems. Fortunately, Dr. Stewart can help relieve your sleep problems by providing personal service to you and adjusting his treatments to solve your needs. Here’s one testimonial from a now-happy sleeper.

Dr. Stewart,

I want to first thank you for your wonderful service. I’ve had severe sleep apnea for over nine years and have been using a mask with my CPAP machine. At a visit with my sleep apnea doctor, I explained how well the CPAP has been working for me, but that the mask sometimes puts pressure on my head and causes me to wake up with headaches. He suggested that I see a dentist that specializes in sleep apnea, because they made a dental appliance that had an attachment that would connect to my machine and my nose to replace my mask.

I then made an appointment with Dr. Stewart to speak about my situation and possibly getting this dental appliance made for me. After my first visit with Dr. Stewart, he explained to me everything regarding this dental appliance and the CPAP attachment and what it does. I decided to give it a try. Dr. Stewart took impressions of my teeth and had it made.

After a couple of weeks it came in and I had it fitted. Over the next several weeks, I met with Dr. Stewart several times to adjust and tweak the dental appliance until it was adjusted just right. He was very patient with me and worked with me until it was just perfect. Once the dental appliance was just right, Dr. Stewart then ordered the CPAP attachment for the dental appliance so I could eliminate my mask. I then took it home and slept with it and did not use my mask, but used the dental appliance with the CPAP attachment and my CPAP machine.

It took another few weeks or so of tweaking the CPAP attachment with my dental appliance, but once we got it right, it was wonderful. I am now sleeping with the dental appliance, the CPAP attachment with my CPAP machine and it is working wonderfully. I am having fewer headaches when I wake up in the morning and I believe the more I use it, the better this will get. At some point I will do a sleep apnea test again with the new device and see if my pressure can be adjusted lower.

Many thanks to Dr. Stewart for all of his help and patience working with me to get this device working correctly. It has been a great help to me.” — Jeff and Rozica Potts

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