Is Your Child Not Sleeping Well? Orthotropics Might Help

There are many reasons why your child may not be sleeping well, but did you know that many of those reasons may stem from an oral/facial issue? Problems with sleeping and sleep breathing cycles can result from a condition known as sleep apnea, and children may begin showing signs of the condition early in life. At our Livonia, MI, dental office, we can offer custom orthotropic treatment to help address the issues with your child’s oral and facial structures that may prevent them from sleeping peacefully each night.

A potential cause for sleep troubles

Obstructive sleep apnea is more common than many patients realize, and children may exhibit symptoms early without their parents realizing it. For instance, the condition, which involves mouth or throat tissues collapsing into the airway, can lead to chronic snoring and frequent waking in the night. This may be mistaken for a snoring habit or mild restlessness, and will continue until the true cause is determined and treated. With orthotropic treatment, we can help correct the alignment and development of your child’s oral and facial structures to help alleviate sleep apnea or reduce the risks of it developing later in life.

What could poor sleep lead to?

In addition to the snoring that accompanies sleep apnea, the resulting poor quality of sleep that results from frequent breathing cessation can also have a detrimental effect on your child’s daily life. For instance, children who consistently lose sleep can find it more difficult to concentrate or remember things, follow directions, or behave properly at school. Because of this, sleep apnea and related orthotropic issues are often misdiagnosed and don’t improve. By improving the quality of their sleep, orthotropic treatment can often help children address the root cause of their problems and see significant improvement in all areas.

How orthotropics could help improve sleep

After a careful evaluation, we can help determine if your child’s sleep troubles are the result of sleep apnea and if orthotropic treatment is the best option for treating it. Orthotropics is performed using one or more of a variety of aligners and appliances. Created by Biobloc to address specific types of issues with your child’s oral and facial structures, the goal of the aligners and appliances is to promote better, more symmetrical growth of your child’s oral and facial structures. The appliances are worn at night while your child sleeps so you child doesn’t have to accommodate them during the day.

Ask us about orthotropics for your child

If your child has trouble sleeping or exhibits signs of poor quality sleep, then ask about orthotropic treatment during your next visit. For more information, or to schedule a consultation, call the office of James Stewart, DDS in Livonia, MI, today at (734) 425-4400.