How to Fall Back Asleep During the Night

If you awake at night and have trouble getting back to sleep, the first thing you need to do is stay in bed for at least 15 minutes, keep your eyes closed, and try to clear your mind. This will tell your body that you are still in relaxation mode. After at least 15 minutes of lying still with no results, keep the lighting low, and prepare a glass of herbal, decaffeinated tea or warm milk for yourself. You might try a low-stimulation activity like light reading.

  • DO NOT turn on bright lights
  • DO NOT eat sugar, drink alcohol or caffeine, or smoke
  • DO NOT turn on the television
  • DO NOT stress out

If you have no success falling back to sleep, remember that rest and relaxation are refreshing. While they do not replace sleep, they can help you get through the day. Many people experience temporary insomnia, so what you’re going through is natural. However, if you regularly have trouble sleeping or falling asleep, I’d like to talk with you about sleep disorders.

I’m Dr. James Stewart, a sleep disorder dentist in Livonia. Call my office to schedule a consultation, and let’s discuss your sleep problems. Many people suffer with sleep disorders, but most sleep disorders are treatable. Let me help you help yourself! You deserve quality sleep.