Great Vitamins for Women

Studies have shown that poor nutrition increases a woman’s risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis. When women typically diet, they may deplete their bodies of essential vitamins and minerals. Doctors and dentists recommend women incorporate foods full of vitamins and minerals because the body will use food-sourced vitamins more efficiently than supplements.

Our bodies are like luxury vehicles; you can’t put low-grade nutrients in them and expect them to run well. Consume the following nutrients daily to maintain healthy oral and overall health:

Calcium: Women typically need 1,000 to 1,500 milligrams of calcium a day to maintain strong bones and teeth. Good sources of calcium are dairy and soy products. As women age, they need to increase their calcium intake to prevent osteoporis.

Vitamin D: Like calcium, as women age, their intake of vitamin D needs to increase. Sunlight is a great source of vitamin D. However, because of the risk of skin cancer, more people often use sunscreen or sunblock, which blocks vitamin D. Women should, therefore, eat foods in which vitamin D naturally occurs: eggs, milk, sardine, and tuna they consume.

Iron: Women need an adequate amount of iron to prevent anemia. This condition can lead to heart disease, but it also presents a greater risk of periodontal disease and glossitis (inflammation of the toungue). Women past menopause require less iron than those who are still menstruating. Iron-rich foods include: poultry, meat, beans, eggs, spinach, and tofu.

Folic acid: Studies show that low levels of folic acid are an independent risk factor for periodontal disease. Dentists may recommend that women who are pregnant use a folate mouthwash to improve gingival health. Foods rich in folic acid are orange juice, beans, and green beans.

I’m Dr. James Stewart, a Livonia, MI dentist. Nutrition is important to oral health. I want to encourage you to maintain a healthy diet for proper oral and overall health. If you have concerns regarding vitamins essential for your teeth, contact my Livonia dentist office at (743)425-4400 to schedule a consultation. I proudly care for residents of Livonia, Farmington Hills, Novi, and surrounding areas.