Dr. Stewart Attends Advanced Dental Sleep Medicine Seminar

Keyboard button that says continuing educationDental technology, treatment options, and materials never stop advancing. It makes sense then that a dentist who wants to stay at the top of his game should never stop learning. Dr. Stewart actively pursues continuing education courses every year and he’s especially excited about his most recent training in Advanced Dental Sleep Medicine topics with Dr. Barry Glassman. Held in September, this three-day intensive seminar provided Dr. Stewart with the opportunity to work closely with other dentists and industry experts in an accelerated academic environment. Thanks to this training, Dr. Stewart can provide more accurate treatment options for sleep apnea sufferers in Livonia.

Brief Overview of Dental Sleep Medicine

Dental sleep medicine refers to a field of general dentistry concerned with using oral appliances to reduce the severity of symptoms in people with obstructive sleep apnea. This serious sleep disorder can lead to chronic daytime fatigue, emotional instability, decreased cognitive function, and an increased risk for problems such as high blood pressure, strokes, and heart attack. CPAP machines provide relief for those with moderate to severe sleep apnea, but many patients find wearing the CPAP mask uncomfortable and disruptive. People with mild to moderate sleep apnea might benefit more from a customized oral appliance that resembles a mouth guard. Only a dentist trained in dental sleep medicine can prescribe this type of oral appliance.

Advanced Topics in Dental Sleep Medicine

Dr. Stewart has been helping his patients enjoy better, more restful sleep using oral appliance therapy for years. However, the Glassman advanced training seminar allows Dr. Stewart to provide a higher level of care, even for patients with complex cases. Every dentist in attendance brought along case studies (firsthand experiences with patients) to inspire discussion in a real world context. Highlights of the seminar included:

  • Emphasizing the use of current research to guide treatment planning.
  • Developing more accurate treatment plans that address the patient’s current health as well as trying to predict any potential side effects of wearing an oral appliance for sleep apnea.
  • Learning about challenging cases involving patients who have both sleep apnea and TMJ disorder or sleep apnea and degenerative joint disease.

Dr. Stewart feels that one of the best benefits of receiving this advanced training is that it allows him to help patients who qualify for oral appliance therapy but who may have not considered it due to other preexisting conditions.

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