Does Your Child Have Problems Sleeping?

If your child has trouble sleeping, and performance at school has started to slip, then you should see your Livonia, MI, dentist. You may be surprised to learn that a dentist can help, but often sleep difficulties stem from issues with the oral tissues and growth, issues that can be treated and corrected with a custom-made dental appliance.

The Causes of Poor Rest in Childhood

Often poor sleep is linked to problems breathing. For some children, over-sized oral structures, or problems with the growth and development of the jaw, could obstruct airways at night. Children have trouble breathing and even more trouble reaching the REM stage of sleep, as they may wake frequently and experience restlessness. As the body attempts to create an airway, the risk of acid reflux could increase as well. When children miss sleep, they have trouble concentrating on tasks at home or school, could be more prone to tantrums and outbursts, and may wake in the night, have trouble falling sleep, and might fall asleep during the day or have issues getting up in the morning.

The Benefits of Early Treatment

If the warning signs above sound like your child, then bring him or her in for a diagnosis. If necessary, we will prescribe a special oral appliance to address the issue. Treatment at a young age helps guide the growth and development of the jaw and oral tissues. Not only does your child sleep better, but in the long run treatment has been linked to a reduced risk of misalignment and sleep apnea. Children could also enjoy improved facial esthetics as a result of correcting these issues. Better sleep could also improve their mood and performance at school.

Biobloc Appliance Therapy

How does treatment work? First, we will have you take our Child Sleep Health Questionnaire, and we will perform an examination. Afterward, we take detailed measurements and impressions of your child’s smile, which we use to create a custom-made oral appliance. The appliance will be worn at night and fit much like a mouthguard. The device then helps ensure open airways and better breathing throughout the night, offering a better night’s rest. We can also discuss possible changes to your child’s daily habits and bedtime routine to help create a better environment for proper rest. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you feel your little one needs treatment, then please contact our team today.

Let’s Help Your Little One Sleep Easier

With orthotropic therapy, we can help children enjoy a better night’s rest and avoid serious complications in their teen and adult years. James Stewart, DDS, and our team serve patients from Northville, Novi, MI and the surrounding communities. To schedule a consultation, call our office today at (734) 425-4400.