Answering Questions About Orthotropics

When children develop trouble sleeping due to blockage of air passages, they have issues resting and may develop a number of serious complications. In order to correct the cause of your child’s sleep troubles, we may suggest orthotropic care. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at how we help children rest easier in Livonia, MI, with orthotropics.

Frequently Asked Questions About Orthotropic Treatment

Question: What causes children to have trouble sleeping?

Answer: For some children, problems with the growth of the oral tissues and jaw could lead to tissues blocking air passages at night, making breathing difficult. Children then snore, experience shallow breathing, or may stop breathing and gasp for air during the night. They tend to wake frequently and have trouble reaching the REM stage of sleep, leaving them exhausted and sleep deprived during the day.

Question: How will this impact them in the long run?

Answer: The same issues that make breathing and sleep difficult may cause problems with facial structure, such as a weak chin, and could also increase the risk of misalignment, requiring children to need braces later in life. In addition, kids could be more likely to develop sleep apnea in their teen and adult years.

Question: When should my child undergo treatment?

Answer: Watch for the common warning signs. Does your child wake up in the night, experience restless sleep, walk or talk while asleep, or experience night terrors? Does your little one have trouble waking up, try to nap frequently, and experience trouble in school with concentration? Does your little one’s school mention issues with outbursts or tantrums, or has your child been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD? If one or more of these issues apply, take our Child Sleep Health Questionnaire and let our team know your child is ready for a diagnosis.

Question: How does an orthotropic appliance help?

Answer: An oral appliance, such as our Biobloc devices, are similar in appearance and fit as a mouthguard. Worn as your little one rests, the device actually repositions the jaw and guides the growth of the jaw and oral tissues. In the short-term, your child begins to sleep easier and feel more rested. In the long-term, your child enjoys a reduced risk of misalignment and sleep apnea. We can also discuss changes to your child’s bedtime routine and other lifestyle adjustments to help improve his or her ability to rest. If you have any questions about orthotropics, then contact our team today.


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