Dental Care for Kids

Children are special people that have special needs, including special dental needs. With a young patient, Dr. Stewart and his team have the opportunity to lay the foundation for lifelong dental health. We teach our children patients about the importance of taking care of their teeth, gums, and entire mouth.

Most of all, we try to make our children’s appointments fun, so that your child will want to come to the dentist and will see the value of having a healthy smile.

The American Dental Association recommends that children attend a first dental visit by the age of one, and Dr. Stewart agrees. Your child’s first visit can simply be coming along for a parent’s checkup. Be sure to let us know if you plan to bring your little one to a checkup, and we’ll set aside time to take a quick peak inside your child’s mouth. Dr. Stewart will check to make sure that everything looks normal and will ask you if you have any questions about your child’s oral health or development.

Once your child’s first teeth start to come in, regular six-month checkups become a necessity. At these short visits, we try to get your child used to being in the dental chair, teach them about the dental tools, and introduce them to the team members so they begin to recognize and trust them. Dr. Stewart will check your child’s mouth, explain how you should care for your child’s teeth at home, and answer any questions you may have at each and every one of your child’s dental checkups.

As your child grows, he or she will have different dental needs at every stage. Regular six-month dental cleanings should begin anytime between ages 3 to 5. Dr. Stewart suggests dental sealants and fluoride treatments to protect your child’s teeth from tooth decay.

Whether you’re expecting your first child or have a houseful, Dr. Stewart and his team at his dental office in Livonia, Michigan want to see you and your kiddos in our office. To find out more about family dentistry or to schedule an appointment, please call (735) 425-4400.