Cosmetic Bonding: A Conservative Procedure Can Make a Big Difference in Your Smile!

Do gaps in your smile make you self-conscious? Do you avoid smiling in photos or hide your smile when you’re with others because of chipped, stained, or otherwise flawed teeth? If this describes you, it may be time to talk to Dr. Stewart about cosmetic bonding. This common cosmetic corrective service is a less costly, more conservative alternative to procedures like porcelain veneers or other cosmetic care. While it’s not the answer for every patient, Dr. Stewart can assess your situation at our Livonia office and recommend the appropriate treatment, which may include cosmetic bonding.

What is bonding?
During a cosmetic bonding treatment, Dr. Stewart matches a quality composite resin to the color of your existing tooth structure. If you’d like a whiter smile, ask us about take-home teeth whitening before the bonding appointment. That way, the resulting bonding treatment can blend with your brighter smile. Dr. Stewart will artistically sculpt the composite material to correct any flaws, and after he cures it with a special light, you’re left with beautiful teeth. No one will know your stunning smile is the result of a cosmetic treatment! (more…)