Soda Drinking: The Reasons To Stop

Are you a bit of a soda fanatic? Do you have your favorite flavors, your particular brand loyalties, and then the stuff that you’ll only drink if there’s nothing else that you like around? What would you say if we were to inform you that none of your selections (though delicious) are safe for your oral health? Would you frown and consider switching to diet? What would you say if we then told you that diet soda is bad, too? Well, if you don’t know why this is the case but we’ve got your attention, now is the time to learn more!

Reason: Stop To Protect Your Enamel

One of the reasons you will want to stop drinking soda: To protect your oral health against acid erosion. Simply put, all sodas (diet, too) are very acidic. Acids slowly eat away your enamel. The longer and more frequently teeth are exposed to soda, the more likely your enamel will soften and become damaged.

Reason: Stop To Avoid Decay

Both exposure to sugar and acids over time will yield the potential for decay. To avoid tooth decay and the need for fillings, we encourage you to limit your consumption of sodas!

Reason: Stop To Prevent Dry Mouth

Especially when it comes to highly caffeinated sodas, you will not be doing your oral health any favors. Contrary to the beneficial effects of consuming water, which hydrates your body and your mouth, soda may end up drying it out. If you know anything about dry mouth, you know it encourages the growth of bacteria, which guides you straight down a path toward problems like halitosis and cavities. Skip the soda!

Ask For Nutritional Tips For A Healthy Smile

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