Month: September 2015

Root Canals: What To Expect

When it comes to receiving dental care, patients often feel unsure about what to expect. In some cases, this lack of information can become quite the stumbling block. For instance, if you are not sure what to expect from root canal treatment, you may hesitate to schedule a necessary appointment due to your fear of… Read more »

How Do My Kids Avoid Cavities?

Parents often ask our team, “How do my kids avoid cavities?” No one wants their child to suffer from toothaches and discomfort. Fortunately, children’s dentistry offers a few easy steps to protect little smiles from tooth decay. Changes to children’s diets and a preventive approach to oral care can reduce the risk of tooth decay… Read more »

3 Facts About Implants And Jaw Health

When you begin learning about all of the exciting benefits of dental implants, you may focus heavily on what your new smile will look like and feel like. What you may overlook is the important connection between your jaw health and the implants. By learning more about this topic, you will come to further understand… Read more »

Full Dentures: Take This Quiz

Patients dealing with significant tooth loss will quickly discover that the side effects can make daily tasks extremely difficult to accomplish. You may have once enjoyed mealtime and now worry about which types of foods you can comfortably eat. You may have once enjoyed speaking with friends and loved ones and now feel embarrassed by… Read more »