Full Dentures: Take This Quiz

quizcardslightsPatients dealing with significant tooth loss will quickly discover that the side effects can make daily tasks extremely difficult to accomplish. You may have once enjoyed mealtime and now worry about which types of foods you can comfortably eat. You may have once enjoyed speaking with friends and loved ones and now feel embarrassed by your trouble with enunciating your words. Fortunately, full dentures offer convenient teeth replacement for one or both arches of teeth. Think you know all there is to know? Test your knowledge and speak with us soon about how dentures can restore your smile and your quality of life.

Full Dentures: True-Or-False Quiz

  1. True or False?: A full denture is a fixed prosthetic that we will cement in place over your gum tissue.
  2. True or False?: You may choose an implant-retained full denture if you want the stability of implants and the convenience of a complete denture.
  3. True or False?: Full dentures don’t really require any care – you just wear them day and night.

Dentures Quiz Answer Key

  1. False. A full denture is a removable prosthetic that replaces a full arch of teeth. Because we can only bond prosthetics to existing teeth, we will place the prosthetic over your dental ridge, where it will rely on natural suction for support.
  2. True. If you decide you want more stability than natural suction, we will speak with you about placing strategically located dental implants in your smile. We will then provide you with a modified denture to fit securely over the implants.
  3. False. They do require care and you will need to remove them before bed. However, care is simple. You will brush your denture and you will also soak it overnight to keep it hydrated.