Your Teeth Whitening Options

toothhandsparkleWhen we speak with patients dealing with smile discoloration, we often find that they have a good deal of misinformation in their minds. First, patients often think that they should be able to address and remove stains on their own. To the contrary, it is best to avoid over-the-counter (OTC) products because they can damage your teeth without providing the whiter finish you desire. In addition, patients are often concerned they will not qualify for whitening treatment – the opposite is true. We offer multiple options to brighten your smile. If you’re interested specifically in professional teeth whitening treatments, we invite you to learn more about the systems we offer to help you attain a glittering grin.

For Mild To Moderate Discoloration

If you are suffering from mild to moderate discoloration (which may seem pretty severe to you), then the shade of your smile has probably been affected due to staining beverages, staining foods, the aging process, tobacco, or other agents. We can address the stains and brighten your smile with a take-home teeth whitening bleaching system called the Opalescence Teeth Whitening System. Within a couple short weeks, you can dramatically improve the whiteness of your smile, while the system protects your teeth from sensitivity.

For Severe Discoloration

Severe discoloration is what you’re combatting when you have difficult-to-treat stains caused by problems like trauma to your teeth or the visually unappealing side effects of medication like certain antibiotics. We can address this deep discoloration with the KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching System. Your teeth whitening treatment will include a combination of home bleaching and an in-office visit for dramatic, safe results.